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4 Marketing Trends You Need to be Aware Of

11 months ago

What are the four marketing trends that are dominating right now?

The marketing environment is constantly shifting. It is an arena that thrives on innovation, creativity and evolution, and as such the techniques that worked so effectively a few years ago will not necessarily reap the same rewards going forward.

It can be difficult to keep on top of the latest – and often most effective – trends, methods and approaches, especially when they are liable to change by the month, which is why working with an expert can help your business no end. By liaising with an organisation that eats, sleeps and breathes marketing in all its forms, you can stay ahead of the game and gain competitive advantages.

So, with that in mind, what are the four marketing trends that are dominating right now?

#1. Personalisation

Customers are, increasingly, attracted to marketing collateral that speaks directly to them. In fact, research has found that 70 percent of consumers will only consider purchasing from a company if the marketing material they receive is personalised for them directly ( And, when you look from the perspective of the organisation, such an approach makes financial sense; a recent study discovered that companies with an emphasis on personalisation tend to be able to increase profits by as much as 15 percent (

#2. Marketing Will Become More Conversational

Conversational marketing is all about talking to customers, understanding their specific needs and embracing feedback, all with the goal of streamlining your offering – be it a service, solution or product – so as to give the consumer the greatest degree of value. Conversational marketing necessitates the use of social media: by using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and letting consumers know that you can be reached via these mediums, you will be able to have useful discussions easily and quickly. And, when you consider that nine in 10 consumers say they use social media to reach out to organisations, it makes sense to make the most of these incredibly powerful channels (

3. Data, Data, Data!

Data and analytics can, when gathered and assessed adequately, give your business a massive cutting edge when it comes to marketing. Data has been vital for years, but it’s only set to become more integral to business success going forward, and research supports this claim. According to research carried out by McKinsey, companies that ‘intensively’ analyse customer habits and then create marketing material on the back of them, perform 23 times better than their rival operations (

4. The Need to Embrace Technology

There are any number of pieces of software that promise to help your marketing material perform ‘better’. When used properly, such software can be incredibly powerful, but the key is realising that some options are far better than others for you and what you are trying to achieve. Choosing the correct software can be a bit of a minefield, so working with an expert to better understand exactly what you need, how particular technologies can benefit your business, and what you stand to gain in both the short- and long-term, can help your company grow and thrive in ways that you perhaps haven’t yet even contemplated.

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Digital Marketing Community. SEO Chat Forums, News and Te...

12 months ago

We have put together discussion tools, groups and social connectivity to bring you a business SEO and Writing Community, Seomanship. Moving forward is easy,

Choose a username and click the link in the registration email. We are looking forward to writing with you.

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    Collaborate in groups, share ideas, opinions and media.

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    Touch base with your peers using Instant Messages, Activity Walls, Forums and Chat Rooms.

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    Organising and joining Zoom meetings with the community will be easier and faster and without the need to exchange contact details.

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10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic and Boost Engagement

12 months ago

What do you do when your website performance falls short of your expectations and sales targets?

If your pockets are deep, you can start again and commission a new bespoke website design to boost lead conversion rates. Clearly only an option for a handful of businesses!

So if you’ve already invested considerable sums in your existing website, how can you drive more traffic to it and improve its success?

Here are 10 quick and easy ways to make your website work harder.

#1. Bring in the Experts!

Top of the list must be engaging a digital marketing agency. A digital agency with the know-how to properly evaluate your pages and their impact. They would put together an internet marketing campaign to attract more visitors and suggest improvements that guide users more smoothly to a completed transaction.

#2. Refresh Content

This is one of the easiest and potentially low-cost ways to improve website performance. Keeping your text, images and multimedia fresh and dynamic brings many benefits. This includes making sure your brand statements are clear and unmissable. Constantly updated content also builds your SEO ranking.

#3. Guest Blogs and Articles

The quality of your own website content is vitally important but ask a digital agency to find ways to get your brand out to other relevant sites too, such as guest blogs.

#4. Clear Calls to Action

Sometimes the smallest of changes to your content can make a big difference. This is especially true when it comes to having calls to action ‘loud and proud’ on every page. Are your contact details tucked away on a separate tab, or conveniently placed for an instant response?

#5. SEO Updates

If you had search engine optimisation features built into your website, that’s still not the end of the story! You need to constantly assess keyword use and other SEO features that improve your website’s ‘searchability’ and page ranking.

#6. UX Research

You also can’t be complacent about your User Experience. UX research can help you to drill down on ways to grab and hold website visitor attention and increase your lead conversion rates. Such as, are your page load and navigation speeds up to scratch?

#7. Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing

A marketing agency can also make sure that you have integrated your social media campaigns with your constantly refreshing website content. Content Marketing enables meaningful social media strategies that work, helping to increase page visitors.

#8. Paid-For Digital Campaigns

If your website analytics show that you have reached a ‘plateau’, putting together some paid-for digital promotions can kick start improved performance, such as Pay Per Click, Twitter and Facebook ads.

#9. Know Your Audience

This is step one really, but it links to the point above! The best digital marketing agency would always work with you on drawing up a detailed customer profile before spending your cash on promotions. That way, your digital marketing is aimed at building the right traffic, not just artificially building ‘clicks’.

#10. Fully Orchestrated Digital Marketing

Much of the above comes down to having a well-planned timetable of digital marketing activities, to make sure everything you do attracts potential customers to your website. Then, your concerted strategy takes internet users through your site to your transaction page in sufficient numbers.

Anything disjointed and piecemeal could still leave you with poor lead conversion rates; or even a fabulous looking website that no one ever visits!

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