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Creating illustrations: Choose the right tool

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    Before we start working on the illustrations, one more crucial question arises that which tool is the right one? There are now many options. In the end, it is also about the preferences of a creative person i.e. which tool he or she gets along best with. Nevertheless, there are a few tips on tools that have proven themselves in practice that many experts of children’s illustrations usually use. In order to know all about those tools, it is recommended to either concern an expert or start searching it online and get the best tool that fits with your project. What do you think?


    Hi there, thank you for your post @anniebhanell. I think any budding new illustrator today should choose the iPad, Pencil and, “Made for artists. Loved by creative professionals” – Procreate

    Having said that, the website you are promoting looks pretty decent, as do many of the other websites being promoted for animations and illustrations.

    What is your relationship to the company being promoted here?


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