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What is a good URL structure for a services based business website?

SEO Marketing and Advertising Chat Forums and Technical Discussion Forums Search Engine Optimisation What is a good URL structure for a services based business website?

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    Hi, I am wondering if I could get some feedback please. I’m looking to migrate an existing client website with ~100 URLs. I see this as the perfect opportunity to review the URL structure.

    What is a good standard to adopt here? My client is a services based business currently having a mega-menu breaking up services into categories, each category of services having multiple service pages. Could anyone chime in please with your thoughts on how to structure these services categories and URLs? Is it ok to have /services/services-category/services-page or should I just use the root for each and have no hierarchy structure here to make the urls shorter? Does this have something to do with Pagerank too?


    I will be using WordPress for the new website and have already made a thread asking how to achieve control of the URL structure here

    Thank you


    There are a number of ways to structure the URLs for a service based business. I will use a “heating and cooling company in Dallas TX” for my example below:

    Option 1)

    Option 2)

    Option 3)

    I would recommend doing a search for your target keyword and see what type of URL structure seems to be currently in favor, and basing your final decision off those insights.

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