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Using a CDN for serving cookieless static content

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    James Roberts

    I have been for some time now considering the benefits of using a CDN to speed up the get and render of websites for my visitors. One aspect of this was to serve static content via a cookieless domain, an assets server or cdn. Considering the objective, not being to serve content from servers closer to the visitor, I stumbled across a blog article discussing and testing content delivery both via a CDN and from the website domain itself without the extra DNS and server negotiation requests.

    The Experiment – What I’m interested in seeing if there is a way to gauge/measure when it’s best to use a CDN and when it’s best to use the origin web server to serve all assets.

    CDN Conenction Cost Waterfall

    It seems then from these experiements it may be best to serve all content from the main domain?
    I wonder about cookies and have commented on the main article, link below.

    View the full article with complete analysis:
    Peterbe to CDN or not to CDN?


    Its a valid point, but if your server is located in France, and your visitor is in Australia, then perhaps a CDN for delivery is necessary. I take on board ssl dns negotiation etc so this topic is an interesting one. Thank you @Peterbe

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